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Self Serve Systems: rWall

rWall - an eye catching wall of beer taps

Got a great product offering? Then you need a great way to display and deliver it. By displaying a range of beers in a wall format, each with its own self-serve tap, it provides an immediate talking point both in and out of the venue.

And you can complete the interactive experience by letting customers rate the beers they’ve tried, and display the average ratings.

Maximise Customer Choice

rWall lets you offer your customers the ultimate self-serve beer experience. Well suited to craft beer venues, or any venue with a large range of draught beers or ciders, rWall allows the customer to try a large range of beers, in amounts of their choice.

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Sell more during peak times

For any venue that can find their bar struggling to cope at peak times, rWall can be a great solution. When your bar is at max capacity the quicker you can serve, the more money you take. In this scenario rWall can offer you a whole extra self serve bar, meaning you can serve more customers in the same time, and reduce those customers leaving due to deep bar queues.

  • Incerase the max number of customers you can serve at peak times
  • Reduce bar queue at busy times
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Minimise staff costs

Every customer using rWall is one less customer using your bar, and by selling prepay member cards or fixed value beer cards, customers can begin using the wall with minimal staff involvement.

  • Reduce your staff costs as customers will serve themselves – and enjoy it!
  • Sell fixed value beer cards or pre-pay member cards to give quick access to rWall at busy times
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Reduced set up costs

With smaller screens required and only one location to run beer lines to, rWall can be a cost effective self-service solution. It can also often be installed more quickly, with less disruption than self serve taps on tables, so can be a good solution if your planned install does not coincide with a bar refurb.

  • Less beer line to run than taps for tables, leading to savings in time and cost.
  • Provide your customers with the full choice of the self-service beer on offer, not just what's on their table
  • Improve the yield from your taps, with customers paying for every drop dispensed
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