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Self Serve Systems: rBar

rBar - Self service, iPad menus, and much more...

rBar provides a full self-serve experience. With an iPad menu at their table, customers can easily order food & drink without having to queue at the bar or get the attention of waiting staff. They get to enjoy a more relaxed time with their friends while your staff save time taking down orders.

Your sales will soar too - as while rBar drives first time visits through its novelty value, customers order more frequently, stay longer and keep coming back as the barriers to the ordering process simply aren't there.

Self serve taps

Wow your customers while taking pressure off your bar with self-serve beer taps at customer tables. Linked to the iPad on the table so the customers can see exactly what they've poured, they're great fun for your customers and save time for your staff.

  • A great headline grabber for drawing customers to your venue
  • No waiting at the bar, means happier customers & increased sales
  • Get paid for every drop that comes out of the tap
  • Reduce staff costs or redirect time from pouring pints to focusing on customer enjoyment
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Food and drink ordering

Via the easy to use and engaging iPad menu on their table, customers can order food or drink without leaving their seat. You'll be offering table service but without the associated increase in staff costs, as customer's orders are sent direct to the kitchen via the EPOS.

  • Drive first time customers to your venue by offering a new experience
  • Customers are converted when they experience how much time is saved
  • Statistics show customers order more frequently and stay longer
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Provide your customers with direct access to your jukebox, right from their table. The fee for a track is added straight to the customers tab so there's no fumbling around for change for them, and no costly cash collections and servicing for you.

  • Money for a track is added straight to the customer's tab
  • Lower costs than a traditional jukebox, due to the removal of service contracts and cash collections
  • Music can be tailored to your venue as well as to specified timeslots so you retain control of the mood and ambience.
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Each rBar iPad can be used to advertise in house events or promotions, local businesses, or suppliers. By tapping an advert a customer can be taken to a web page, or even to the menu containing the advertised product, to order it straight from your bar or kitchen.

  • Improved take-up of in-house offers or events
  • Make extra revenue or secure discounts through offering to local businesses or suppliers
  • Increase food sales through mouth-watering images driving impulse purchases
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rMember loyalty app

Build a database of loyal customers with rMember Loyalty App.

  • Send news, promotions, or events to your customers via push notifications
  • Build a database of customer details, including how often people visit and what they like to eat and drink
  • Customers can order food & drink, top up funds, or pay off tabs all using their phone
  • See the rMember page for more info
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Help button

A call button ensures your customers can get help as soon as they need it. Any issues can be resolved quickly, ensuring every customer has a positive experience.

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Games and promotions

A range of games and promotional features are available to keep customers entertained, and to drive further sales of key products.

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Internet access

rBar comes with internet access from every iPad, perfect for checking a fact on Google to win a classic pub debate, or showing your mates a YouTube video. It also helps keep customers entertained while they wait for their group to arrive.

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