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The EPOS for Pubs & Bars

rPOS Cloud is an iPad based EPOS system
designed specifically for pubs & bars

No credit card required.

Cash Control

Pubs need to keep tight control over the cash taken over the bar. rPOS Cloud Cash Up gives you a permanent and accurate record of any till variances, and alerts you to them the minute they arise.

  • Permanently and accurately record your cash take
  • Receive cash up reports by email to be immediately alerted to any till variances
  • Coupled with Accounting integration your sales, payments, and bills are sent straight from your POS to your Xero Could Accounting package
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Stock control

Minimising stock deficits is key to running a profitable bar. Through rPOS Cloud Stock Manager you'll always have an up to the minute view of your expected stock levels, allowing you to perform full stock counts, or line checks as often as you like.

  • Protect your bottom line by performing stock takes and line checks quickly and easily
  • See full reports for every stock take, detailing every stock movement and variance
  • Track even complex items using recipes
  • Identify specific items causing deficits
  • Enter new stock at point of order or received delivery
  • View recommended orders based on stock levels and average weekly sales
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Cloud accounting

With rPOS Cloud Xero Could Accounting integration, your books take care of themselves. You have the most up to date view possible of your profitability, so you can identify and resolve issues earlier.

  • Sales data, payments, and cash purchases are sent straight from rPOS Cloud to your accounting package daily
  • Suppliers can send invoices straight to Xero, or for hard copies a quick photo is all that's needed
  • Xero links to your bank account to track payments
  • Drill down to any line on the P&L to see every bill or invoice comprising it
  • Track planned payment dates and forecast cash levels
  • Save £££s on book keeping costs

Always on

Continue serving your customers through Internet black outs and even power cuts. With rPOS Cloud every POS is always on and ready to take orders so your service is never disrupted.

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rMember loyalty app

Drive repeat visits and reward your loyal customers with rMember loyalty app.

  • Sign up new customers at the bar in seconds
  • Send news, promotions, or events to your customers via push notifications
  • Build a database of customer details, including how often people visit and what they like to eat and drink
  • Customers can order food & drink, top up funds, or pay off tabs all using their phone
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Fixed tills are fine for shops. In pubs, saving your customers that extra trip to the bar might just stop them leaving. That's why with rPOS Cloud every POS is fully portable. rPOS Cloud can also run on an iPad mini, the ideal size for your floor staff to carry with them.

  • Encourage customers to stay longer by serving them where they are instead of hoping they come back to the bar
  • Avoid time taking down and keying in orders, by taking orders and payments by the table side
  • Have an extra POS for peak periods, even if space is limited
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Staff messaging

Pub customers don't like to be kept waiting. Keep your service slick and your staff ultra-responsive with rPOS Cloud Messaging. Messages are displayed on every POS and can even be sent directly to staff on a Smartwatch.

  • Ensure your staff never miss an order, wherever they are and whatever they are doing
  • Control which staff members get which messages
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Order Tracking

Track food and drink orders on every POS. Table side orders can be picked up immediately by bar staff and food orders displayed on a kitchen iPad.

  • Orders can be prepared as soon as they are placed
  • Know who is preparing an order and when it is ready
  • Keep track of any delays to food orders so customers can be informed
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Integrated Card Payments

Take card payments through iZettle, Paypal, or any of the major merchant service providers and link your card machine to your EPOS.

  • Speed up service
  • Remove the opportunity for manual errors or deliberate miskeying
  • Ensure your EPOS and your card machine records always match - no time consuming and error prone reconciliation at the end of the day
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Self Serve Beer Taps

To make your venue really stand out, add some self serve beer taps to your setup.

  • Provides a great talking point and customers love pouring their own beer
  • Set up beer cards, turn taps on and off, and monitor volumes dispensed, all from your EPOS
  • 100% yield - Customers pay for everything that comes out of the tap - even if it goes in the drip tray
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iPad Menu Ordering

When customers can order right from their table, they order more. Adding iPad food & drink menus to your set up will increase your sales, as well as improve your customers' experience.

  • Ordering is made so easy your customers will order more frequently and stay longer
  • Encourage impulse purchases with mouth watering food adverts and exciting drink offers
  • All orders are sent straight to your EPOS so your staff won’t miss them and won’t need to waste their time re-keying
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No two bars are the same, so rPOS Cloud has been designed specifically with flexibility in mind. We have a full team dedicated to customer feature requests, and have been known to turn these around in as little as 2 weeks. In this way rPOS Cloud continues to develop to the real needs of real publicans, not just to ideas dreamt up in the boardroom.

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Staff Scheduling

By linking rPOS Cloud to Deputy you can schedule your staff based on forecast sales data from rPOS. At the end of the week you can compare the scheduled shift to actual hours worked. You can even link Deputy to Xero to run your Payroll automatically.

  • Control your biggest cost by aligning your staff rota to your forecast sales
  • Flag up any differences in scheduled hours vs actual hours worked
  • Send your hours straight to Xero to run your payroll
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rPOS Cloud Pricing


* £ 39 /mo

* When billed annually or £49 monthly rolling contract

(+ £30 /mo for each additional iPad running rPOS Cloud)

Free for the first 14 days

  • Product/Category management
  • Sales reporting

No credit card required


* £ 59 /mo

* When billed annually or £69 monthly rolling contract

(+ £30 /mo for each additional iPad running rPOS Cloud)

Free for the first 14 days

  • All BASIC features plus:
  • Stock tracking
  • Xero Cloud Accounting integration

No credit card required

Compare Features

Basic Premium
Unlimited users
Unlimited products
Preloaded sample products and categories
Short cuts to popular items for fast service
Auto-fill beer descriptions for hundreds of beer brands
Quick display recipes and allergy info
ID check and refusal tracking
Deposit tracking
Order tracking and management
Table Side ordering
Staff messaging
Timed offers and promotions
Flexible product options for food items
Multiple price bands for Happy Hours or premium price events
Full range of reports
Xero Cloud Accounting Integration
Realtime stock tracking with recipes for cocktails and food items
Detailed stock reports

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