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Customer loyalty: rMember

rMember self service & loyalty app

rMember revolutionises the way pubs and licensed venues do business. Available on Android or iOS, rMember allows customers to place food & drink orders from their phones, top up a pre-pay balance, and receive push notifications for promotions, news and events.

Food & Drink Ordering

Customers with rMember can order food & drink straight from their phone, with their order being delivered to their table. Your customers can skip queueing at the bar and spend more time with their group. You offer table service whilst cutting down the time required to service an order.

  • Increase spend per head by cutting out time spent queueing
  • Cut down time required time to service an order
  • Encourage customers to stay longer by not having to get up and queue to get another round
  • Customers can pay per order, on a tab, or with a pre-pay balance
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Promotions, News and Events

Send push notifications to your customers for targeted promotions, news, and events.

  • Use data gathered on customer purchases via rMember to target and personalise promotions.
  • Send news & event invites that customers can respond to via their phone
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Pre-pay customers

Customers can top up and maintain a pre-pay balance for use on ordering via the app, at the bar, or pouring beer from a self service tap.

  • Incentivise higher top ups to improve cashflow
  • Complete the self serve experience by removing the need to pay off a tab before leaving
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Promote your venue

Have your customers promote your venue through links to Facebook and Twitter, and social beer review site Untappd.

  • Your customers can rate or like the beers they’ve purchased with ratings posted to Untappd, Twitter and Facebook
  • Advertise your beer range on rMember, by linking to your Untappd page
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